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september - october

Fall  Labour Day - Thanksgiving


During the first 5 weeks of the school year Academy students will maximize the good weather by training on field Mon-Thurs. Fridays are always a classroom day covering the various other aspects of the Physical and Health Education curriculum. After a brief rest at the end of summer, players are getting back into a full fall ball experience. At this time of year, the main goal for many students is to secure roster spots on their respective community baseball / softball teams. The priority for students during academy is to identify areas of individual growth and build on strengths that will support their goals in the community. Academy staff draw on their expertise to provide technical instruction and intervention strategies with an emphasis on avoiding overuse injuries.  


Fall Thanksgiving – Remembrance Day


The next 5 weeks of the school year Academy students will shift their focus to strength and conditioning Mon - Thurs. At this point in the year, players have been in competition mode for up to 7 or 8 months and it’s time to put the gloves and bats down. The goal of this month is to provide time to recover from nagging aches and pains from competition and start preparing for next season. Emphasis is on proper movement patterns, applying motor control under slower tempos and lighter weight. By the end of this phase, athletes will have a strong foundation to build on throughout the winter months.


November - february

Winter Remembrance Day – Christmas Break


During the next 5 weeks the schedule shifts to Mon/Weds indoor training at Oak Bay Rec center and Tues/Thurs weight room training at Lambrick Park Secondary. Athletes utilize the batting cages and turf to focus on the fundamentals of their baseball skills. Analytic programs such as Rapsodo and Blast Motion are used to provide quantitative data to guide development.  


Winter  Christmas Break – Spring Break


During the next 12 weeks the schedule continues with Mon/Weds indoor training at Oak Bay Rec center and Tues/Thurs weight room training at Lambrick Park Secondary. This time of year players slowly begin to ramp up for opening day. At the indoor facility, pitchers start throwing bull pens, increasing pitch counts weekly and incorporating at bats vs live hitters. Position players increase throwing fielding and hitting intensity. In the weight room athletes are continuing to increase strength, this will be the final couple months to make gains before shifting to a competition phase.


march - june

Spring Break – Summer Break


After spring break is when most athletes are beginning their competitive seasons. Academy classes move back to Lambrick Park full time, utilizing the outdoor facilities on Mon/Weds and continuing strength and conditioning on Tues/ Thurs. The outdoor training strives to provide repetition to promote automaticity with baseball skills. Particular emphasis is on avoiding overuse as players are under heavy strain from the intense competition season. In the weight room the focus shifts to maintaining strength, power and improving mobility and stability.   


july - august

School is closed. Open gym hours may be announced pending school district regulations, permits and restrictions

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