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Maximize Your Full Potential.

In school baseball and softball performance training for elite high school students

mission statement

Our mission is to develop softball and baseball players mentally, physically and emotionally while providing them with experience, exposure and opportunities to ensure they reach the highest level of competition.

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our staff



graham Campbell

softball instructor

Rocky Vitale

ACADEMY baseball &
softball DIRECTOR



Jill Moreau



softball coordinator

Emma Entzminger


four season program


september - october

During the first month of school, the academy tests our student-athletes physically, mentally and emotionally through a month long bootcamp. Not only does our bootcamp push our players to prepare for their upcoming seasons, but it allows our student-athletes to grow individually into the ambassadors that we want to embrace within our high school walls at Lambrick Park Secondary. We will be testing our athletes each month throughout the year on mobility, stability, rotary and horsepower strength. This ensures that we work on limitations and inhibitors within our athletes in order to maximize their potential as all round players.


october - february

Our indoor facility is the most important part of our programs skill development. The indoor training facility gives us the space to efficiently play while the outdoor track enables the fitness aspect. During the late fall and winter months, skills are broken down into to basics and are built back up with proper instruction from our staff. We train our students with analytic programs such as Rapsodo and Blast Motion to provide quantitative proof of continual player development. Both defensive and offensive skills are worked on at the indoor turf. Being divided into two sections makes training more specialized and allows coaches to work with students on specific areas of their game.


march - june

Once the local weather permits we will transition from indoor to on-field training. Our athletes will be trained in position specific groups. We will also play scrimmage games within each group of the Academy so that the players can put all that they have learned to the test against each other. This creates an opportunity to see how classroom sessions and indoor training has been acquired and carried over to the field. Practicing using strategy in scrimmage games will directly relate to how students play in a league game and how well they retain and use the information provided. 


july - september

The school may close, but the Academy remains open. Starting in the 1st week of July, The Academy opens up the school’s gym, weight room and all baseball/softball training equipment to all players. Whether you are a current, new or former student, the Academy facilities and equipment are there for you to use. Summer Academy hours are Monday through Thursday 11 am – 3pm.


"The Lambrick Park Baseball/Softball Academy provides a fantastic experience and opportunity to help players take their game to the next level. I wish the academy was around while I was in high school"

Michael Saunders

Lambrick park secondary alumni

2016 Mlb all star